Transforming Healthcare With Subscriptions

Subscribili’s cutting-edge subscription management technology empowers healthcare practices to easily launch and manage their own in-house subscription plans. By eliminating insurance middlemen, our platform provides a direct payment option that attracts more patients, increases revenue, and improves care quality.


Closing the Medical Care Gap

How Patient Subscription Programs Improve Preventative Care Uptake

$0 Upfront Costs

Healthcare On Your Terms

As a doctor or dentist, you know the needs of your patients better than any insurance company ever could. Subscribili lets you easily create customized subscription plans to meet their needs. We’ll work with you to figure out which services should be included as well as the optimal pricing.

The best part? You don’t need any technical or marketing know-how to partner with us, nor do you need to make a large investment. We’ll handle the heavy lifting, from setting up the platform to managing payments, while you sit back and watch your subscriptions roll in. With our flexible payment model, you only pay a small percentage once your subscriptions start generating revenue. So why wait? Partner with Subscribili today and take your practice to the next level

Grow With Subscribili

When you choose Subscribili, you get a partner that’s invested in growing your patient base and recurring revenue via loyal, satisfied subscribers.

Let’s join forces

Sign up and we’ll work with you to tailor your subscription plan to the unique needs of your practice. We’ll also show you and your team how our platform works.

Marketing’s covered

Once enrolled, we’ll build a branded landing page on your website and will provide you with plan brochures. We’ll also launch a local, multi-channel local digital marketing campaign!

Start earning

Each month, you’ll receive the revenue earned from patient subscriptions (less our service fee). Then, as patients arrive for care, you’ll receive 100% of any additional products or services sold.

Keep learning

Your Subscribili dashboard will share insights into subscription trends like revenue, renewals, reviews, and more. You can review the data to fine-tune your subscription plans on an ongoing basis.

We are HIPAA and PCI compliant

An all-in-one solution for healthcare subscriptions

Our end-to-end platform helps to bring more patients through your door and keeps them coming back.

Custom Plans

You know your patients best. We bring our industry knowledge and data-driven approach to subscription definition, but ultimately the design of your plans is up to you.


We help you easily educate your patients in-office through branded brochures and online through local digital marketing campaigns.

Appointment Booking

Patients can book appointments online and they can be automatically entered into your Patient Management System or EHR.

No Interference

Make treatment decisions without interference from an insurance company, creating recurring revenue and boosting patient loyalty.

Data & Analytics

Our analytic dashboards and customer reports enable you to optimize your subscription plan, improve care quality, and maximize revenue.

Ongoing Human Support

In addition to our tech platform, we have a team of support professionals standing by to help you with any aspect of your subscription service.

Why will you love Subscribili for your practice?

It’s an easy-to-use, yet highly sophisticated, subscription platform that streamlines healthcare delivery. You can effortlessly grow your practice while creating a modern, personalized experience for your patients.

HIPAA & PCI Compliant

Our platform is 100% compliant with PCI and HIPAA privacy and security laws. Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of electronic patient information is a top priority at Subscribili.

Enjoy a Seamless Experience

We take care of everything for you so you can focus on what matters most, providing your patients with quality care. We’ll help you to get the word out, automate bookings, track membership data, and more.

25% of Americans don’t have sufficient insurance.

Drive Patient Growth and Loyalty

The Subscribili plans are designed to enable uninsured and underinsured patients to access the care they need at affordable prices. Offering them a plan through your office will enable you to serve more patients and give them a reason to keep coming back.

Remove Waiting Periods

When billing a patients’ insurance, you have to wait for your compensation for the treatments and services rendered. Not with Subscribili. You set your rates, and create recurring revenue from your patients.

Increase Revenue

Healthcare subscriptions generate recurring revenue and minimize patient churn. Plus, by taking care of marketing, Subscribili drives your patient acquisitions costs to $0.

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